Directions to Bowden Hunting Farm

We are located in the Eastern Cape, about 30 km north-northwest of Grahamstown. For your convenience we have included a Google Earth marker to download from this page.
Visitors are advised to travel in daylight, and to drive slowly. Kudu are known to jump fences in the area & are to be found alongside local roads - they are particularly difficult to see at night.

Peter Dugmore
Tel +27 (0) 46 622 7948
Cell +27 (0) 83 476 2175
pdugmore [at]
Peter Boardman
Cell +27 (0) 82 798 8910
boardman [at]


Google Earth Marker

If you do not have Google Earth installed on your PC, grab a copy here. You may use this GPS position to locate Bowden: 32°58'13,52"S, 26°22'29,43"E

Download a Google Earth marker KMZ file with the exact position of Bowden by clicking here

A. From Grahamstown: Via the Fish River Bridge (ie. Carlisle Bridge) - 65 km

» This way features more tar, but may take more time.

  • Leaving Grahamstown in Somerset Road, go past St Andrews College, direction 'Bedford' on the R350.
  • Go about 40 km from Grahamstown on the R350, cross over the Fish River Bridge.
  • Turn RIGHT off the R350 onto a dirt road about 1.5 km after the Fish River Bridge.
    This turn off should be sign posted "Fort Beaufort".
  • Follow this dirt road & keep on going for about 25 km.
    (Follow the kudu fence up the hill. You go past a big microwave tower on the LHS.)
  • Pass 3 farms on the LHS ("Reedsdale", "Thornkloof" and "Waterfall").
  • After the sign post to "Waterfall", drive about 1 km.
  • The entrance to Bowden is on your RIGHT hand side.

B. From Grahamstown: Via Piggott Bridge - 56 km

» This way features more gravel road - it may be quicker! Drive carefully.

  • Leaving Grahamstown in Somerset Road, go past St Andrews College, direction Bedford on the R350.
  • About 14 km from Grahamstown, turn to the RIGHT at the Y-junction marked "Kwandwe" (towards Adelaide)
  • Follow this dirt road. Keep on going "straight ahead" for about 35 km.
  • You go over the Fish River at Piggott Bridge and up the escarpment.
  • Turn LEFT at the T-junction marked "Bowden" (on a faded green sign).
    If you get to a security boom, you have gone too far!
  • Drive about 4 km, Bowden is the first farm on your LEFT hand side. You should see the farm sign post!

Detailed marker points for the Piggott Bridge route

  • From the top end of High Street with the Cathedral behind you and the Drosty Arch (entrance into Rhodes University) in front of you, zero your pedometer.
  • Turn right into Somerset Street and head out past St Andrew's College on the R350 towards Bedford.
  • 3.00 km: Pass the Golf Club on the RHS.
  • 16.5 km: Turn RIGHT off the tar road onto gravel road sign posted: "KWANDWE".
  • 25.0 km: De Bruins Poort.
  • 27.6 km: Pass C.Were - "Henley" farm.
  • 30.7 km: Straight on left towards Adelaide.
  • 34.0 km: Piggott Bridge.
  • 34.3 km: Pass "Cranford" farm - C.Thomas on RHS.
  • 34.5 km: Pass "Coniston"/"The Grant"/"Krommkrantz".
  • 36.3 km: Keep straight on - left towards Fort Beaufort via Gardner's Drift.
  • 38.4 km: Pass "Hay Lodge" on LHS.
  • 42.0 km: Crossroads - keep straight towards Adelaide.
  • 44.5 km: Pass Duncairn on RHS.
  • 45.6 km: Pass Keeviston on LHS.
  • 48.9 km: Bridge.
  • 50.5 km: Turn LEFT towards "Bowden/Carlisle Bridge".
  • 52.2 km: You are now on BOWDEN.
  • 56.6 km: At the farm sign post, turn left into top gate and head on down.
  • 56.9 km: On the RHS is the Old Farm House.
  • 57.7 km: Across valley is the "new" farm house.

C. From Fort Beaufort: Via Gardner's Drift - 45 km

  • Leaving Fort Beaufort go west, direction 'Adelaide' on the R63.
  • About 37 km from Fort Beaufort, turn LEFT towards Fort Brown
  • ...

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