Hunting Opportunities at Bowden

A great number of animal types are available for hunting at the Bowden.

Among these are kudu, warthog, gemsbok, black wildebeest, common springbok, black springbok, impala, blesbok, duiker, steenbok and mountain reedbuck.

There are many hunting opportunities for hunters at all levels.



A fully equipped, serviced, self catering two bed roomed lodge with sleeping facilities for seven hunters - modern ablution facilities - undercover braai area with adjoining kitchen together with refrigeration/freezer facilities.



The early morning breakfast will be a self service meal at the lodge - a light lunch will be served at the bush camp during the day while the main meal will take the form of a braai /stew or other during the evening at the lodge.

Peter Dugmore
Tel +27 (0) 46 622 7948
Cell +27 (0) 83 476 2175



Additional Services

Rates include the services of guides, trackers and the use of vehicles for the recovery and field preparation of animals in the bush. Skinning, cleaning and cold room facilities are also available for storage of carcasses. It is important to note that any animal that is wounded will constitute a bagged buck and the full price will be levied if blood is drawn or bone is found and the animal is not finished off. To prevent these situations clients are requested to ensure that rifles are sighted in prior to the hunt - although a shooting range is available in cases of emergencies, it is advantageous to have your rifles shot in prior to your arrival as the noise at the range will scare potential game away. Remember that trophy judgment is the responsibility of the hunter and not the guide. One horned animals or animals with de-formed horns are not regarded as trophy animals.

» Recovery of animals and taxidermy is available on request.


Available Game Species

» Prices below do not include VAT.  Please check interpretation of trophy animals to avoid misunderstanding.

KuduBullTrophy > 43"R 4250
Bull41" - 43"R 2750
Bull38" - 40"R 2500
Bull35" - 37"R 2200
Bull < 35"R 2000
Cow R 1500
GemsbokBull/CowTrophyR 4500
Black WildebeestBullTrophyR 3500
BullNon TrophyR 2000
CowR 1400
BlesbuckRamTrophy > 15"R 1000
RamNon Trophy > 15"R 750
EweNon Trophy > 15"R 650
ImpalaRamTrophy > 20"R 1200
RamNon TrophyR 750
EweNon TrophyR 600
Mountain ReedbuckRamTrophy > 6.5"R 1000
Common SpringbuckRamTrophy > 11"R 1000
RamNon TrophyR 500
EweNon TrophyR 400
WarthogBoar/SowTrophy > 9"R 1000
Boar/SowNon Trophy > 15"R 500
YearlingsNon Trophy > 15"R 300

Daily Hunting Tarrifs

Prices below are charged per person, per day as follows:

1. Driven Hunts
1.1 Catered:
Hunting clientsR 350
Non hunting clientsR 250
1.2 Non Catered:
Hunting clientsR 250
Non hunting clientsR 100
1.3 AccommodationR 150 (per night)

2. Walk & Stalk with guides
2.1 Catered:
Hunting clientsR 250
Non hunting clientsR 150
2.2 Non Catered:
Hunting clientsR 150
Non hunting clientsR 100
2.3 AccommodationR 150 (per night)

(For catering purposes, with respect to Driven Hunting groups, an all or nothing approach will apply which means that either all clients are catered for or no catering at all.)


Terms and Conditions

All prices are subject to change without prior notice (except for confirmed bookings).